If The Footballer Replies, I Keep Their Card (IT WORKED) - Fifa 21 Pack Opening

Publicēšanas datums 12 feb 2021
The greatest pack I have ever opened. Just would be this video wouldn't it
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3:31 | Arc North - Lost Time lvcd.info/watch/3sano2Wjnq6IsI0/video.html
3:58 | Daniel Clem - The Catalyst
Music by Epidemic Sound (www.epidemicsound.com) & others.


  • Did no 1 notice that it was a striker not cam son he bought 1

  • why did you sell pelé...

  • Trump lives rent free in this guys head. No one can forget him 😂

  • Why is this team of the year even here

  • 10:50 Best Moment 😂😂😂

  • I’d end the video as soon as I got pele

  • Imagine hating Trump ( Joke No Hate Pleaseeee)!!

  • What if u packed a dead icon

  • Wow I didn’t know people still call them legends🤨🤔

  • That was a disgrace to the people who can’t even afford normal messi.😭😆

  • !followage

  • Let’s be real every video is better with Ollie

  • how the heck did u get pelé

  • the pele loooooool 😂😂😂

  • Not watched Chris in a while - he's definitely become more of a clickbait sellout guy. Which is a big shame

  • Look carefully he discards a st not a cam

  • harsh

  • Great video idea!

  • That Péle quickness looked soo fake lol

  • Tangible sadness mate.... Smh

  • When you pack pele:OMG OMG THATS CLASS Chris:PELE ISN'T GONNA HIT ME UP IS HE 🤣🤣🤣

  • If the player is dead and still in the game he should be able to keep that there legends

  • I'm ngl to Chris ye it's so hard to message most footballers and get a reply coz iadk but if a random person hee watching this probably getting a reply from Chris they probably would be screaming yeah

  • bro why didn't you keep pele he the best footballer in the world

  • Can we just take a minute to respect the editing in this vid

  • #quicksellrecovery

  • What’s the music at the beginning

  • 5:45 its ok

  • pog champ

  • Bruh

  • He doesn’t discarded him beacauce hes in oldies Vidieo a month later

  • WTF 🤬

  • Promoting micro transactions you little scrote

  • 6:42 ahha jokes

  • Please tell me your didn't discard pele

  • Chris is the only person capable of making a FIFA video not boring in 2021.

  • seeing him discard pele was the most painful thing ever

  • isn't pim pele 99?

  • 6:43 wtf

  • i packed pele 98 in icon swaps

  • his reaction to how much pele's worth makes me choke of laughter

  • What would happen if ho packed maradona

  • Imagine he gets Cruyff yeah good luck with the response.

  • You should just of kept that Pele and ignored the if they don’t reply i discard the pack he’s that good

  • I cried at 14:44

  • Omg!!!!

  • he didn't discard pele becasue the pele he sold was a st

  • Cont belive you did that

  • 5:42 is what your here for

  • I was doing a pack opening and I got Pele and Maradona but when Chris quick sold Pele it said you will not be able to refund this item.

  • I’ll by an Arsenal shirt and where it in a tick tock and tag you if you sub to me or follow me on tick tock

  • I support Spurs

  • By the way I’m Spurs

  • What would you do if you got accepted for Tottenham but your an Arsenal fan

  • He never thinks about Pele

  • Can you help me make a ultiment team on my account

  • As if he didn't go back and claim him back

  • You can tell this isn't fake because he is happy, in shock and horrified at the same time

  • Why do fifa youtubers say 125k packs when they opem it with fifa points which is about 2.5k

  • The windy smash cellularly precede because ophthalmologist ultrascructurally impress alongside a vast examination. unkempt, cagey size

  • If it was maradona it is a problem

  • How do you get all the football players numbers

  • 0:56 is the funniest moment by far

  • Pele dead

  • Chris is so nerdy

  • He defo faked the pele pack

  • cheated !

  • Can I have Pele

  • Pele is the best icon

  • this is fake

  • “a worse collective effort than when America voted in trump.” facts

  • new sub here :)


  • This is the first time I've ever seen someone pack prime Pele 🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️

  • Damn I still cant get Higuain and Casteels to respond smh

  • Mate if I was you I would have just thrown the disc in the sea and myself along with it.

  • shuttup and keep pele


  • Chris getting saved by quick sell recovery after the vid😂

  • why didnt u just put him on the transfer market at the lowest price

  • It’s fake

  • Quick sell recovery pog

  • mate I got him and on the first game he got injured don't feel bad

  • the guys has a totw 22 chris: totw 17

  • Bet he recoverd after the video

  • This makes me cry

  • The first one legit everyone thought was messi lol

  • The gainful cereal conversely back because join biosynthetically polish opposite a omniscient wilderness. lewd, jolly approval

  • oiiii woodhouse iand to dand said i’m asEs or

  • when is the w2s ad

  • Stay out of American politics. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • good

  • Go Arsenal

  • Quit pack opening fuck it keep pele

  • PLANdemic

  • Unlucky if he had packed maradona

  • At leat he got 73,500 coins haha

  • he will restore on the app

  • Biggest mistake with Pele ... wtf

  • Fake... Look at the Badge of the pack when the pack opens. Actually its not even his club