£10 vs. £1000 Christmas Present Roulette

Publicēšanas datums 23 dec 2020
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  • 8:08 Harry looks high lol

  • 13:22-13:29. This was the highlight of my 2020. (I have a sad life)

  • Chris that is not irish

  • chris' crossbar was loads easier to hit lol

  • Petition to officially name this group XO 2 electric boogaloo

  • New eboys

  • Haha

  • chrismmmmmmm

  • What t shirt is Chris wearing

  • Why is it a big secret about the money that sidemen made cause I know how much they made lol

  • Should make a little group ik two r in 1s but still there so good

  • Can anyone tell me the song at 5:59 please

  • 0:25 does anybody know the name of the song?

  • 1:30 its PRONOUNCIATION lol

  • this group is unmatched

  • Stephen 100% didn’t land that bottle flip

  • These four are so elite

  • Song at the start pls?

  • Soccer

  • I got those spellings in year 2

  • flip a mug is my level of jokes when I'm not thinking it trough

  • They done truth or dare wrong your ment to do it where you get asked a truth but if you don’t say you have to do a dare

  • Okay this is so unnecessary to know but me and Stephen have the same type of glasses🙂12:38

  • Does anyone think Stephen didn’t land it

  • So nobody got anything they were supposed to win in this video..... wtf. Where can I see the boys getting there gifts Chris???

  • They’re all different versions of eachother

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  • honestly my parents would be happy to invest in Newcastle united so it’s a win for will

  • The stormy river ophthalmoscopically cheat because column conspicuously obtain by a racial manicure. painful, lackadaisical biology

  • these four are probably the funniest four on uk LVcd

  • LVcd

  • Toon Toon

  • Harry still hasn’t used his ad...

  • This seems fake

  • Did willinie go to school 🤡

  • Why does Chris always look like he’s in front of a green screen

  • Have you noticed Chris has become less family friendly over the years?

  • Anyone know what the song at 14:50 please let me know

  • 17:27 whats the name of the song

  • 8:50 the best

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  • 100 percent it was josh that said no

  • Bruv 6:55 Chris' laugh is so gutural

  • when Stephen is trying to take his fourth shot and u just hear Harry yell to his mom about chicken curry I accidentally did a spit take with my own drink

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    • u wot m8

  • When’s the next one?!?!

  • Did will say it went a little Irish

  • Stephen: spells "Perseverance" incorrectly. Me: thinking this spelling bee will take majority of the video.

  • I bet vik said no

  • 8:49 beat moment ever lol lmao 😂😂😂😂

  • If you needed proof that LVcdrs are stupid, this is it 👆

  • whats the song at 17:40 ?

  • “don’t want that😠”- stephen tries 2020

  • Hi

  • Stephen going don’t want that 🤣🤣🤣

  • I love this group

  • I like how Steven was writing the words as he was spelling them lol

  • If you checked out my recent it would mean a lot to me fr, just a small creator with big dreams❤️🌎

  • No one looking at the connect 4 names tho

  • Is it just me or when Steven has to spell it looks like he looks down on his phone to win

    • I clocked that, I think he was physically writing them out tbh that helps me spell correctly sometimes.

  • Should of asked will to spell antidisestablishmentarianism

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  • i dont like how will always picks on steven

  • Pause at 9:03 idk why "is will a verb" made me laugh so much

  • I couldn’t wait for Harry’s mum to come in and he throws the chair at her

  • Poor poor Will

  • Chris is always on the bad team

  • These guys should make they’re own LVcd group and ditch the ones they’re in 😂

  • That spelling bee was like watching the worst penalty shootout ever.

  • Nobody: W2S I'm wearing a childish hoodie Me: tgf bro

  • Make a fifa 21 series

  • Cool video.

  • I'm just happy that Stephen finally won something good

  • Why did their voices get deeper for a Geordie accent 😂😂??

  • Anyone still currently looking for an Xbox or ps5 follow on Twitter uk ps5 and series x stock alerts 👍

  • 11:20 u can see Chris typing and on the wheel is shows a white page (aka google) he tried to play it off like he didn’t know

  • Please do more with them it's so funny

  • How much it is vik who replied

  • Wat a squad 👏 🙌

  • You should buy Waldron for each other

  • I love Chris

  • Will be is cheating he searched it off

  • Me

  • why did harry even attempt to flip his mug? did he think it wouldn’t break? 😂😂😂

  • Can your next video be to shout out small LVcdrs like me

  • Hello Chris... you still there?

  • Just to say, Chris, if you want a job, join Juventus.

  • Why do people make such a big deal about what they earn?

  • wtf these words r too easy

  • What’s the name of the song at 11:10 minutes

  • 5 mil sub nerf war

  • I’m trying to start off a LVcd channel, I would appreciate every sub and every view, as it would mean the world to me. Thx for listening and sorry for wasting ur time.

  • Love seeing these four together, can’t wait for more!

  • This Video is Fucking Fantastic

  • We are still waiting for nerf war five, mate.

  • Chris I hope your bank account is ready for TOTY in two days

  • Best group ever😂

  • New Video! We need one!

  • Can someone explain why harry couldn’t say how much the sidemen channel makes?

  • I’m bored 😐