Paintball One Touch One Bounce

Publicēšanas datums 18 okt 2020
One Bounce + Paintball. Lovely. (brief reupload because of rendering errors)
Thanks to Bunker51 for the location:
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09:09 | Evan King - Enchiridion
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  • Deffo wasn’t cals fault btw 😂

  • Callux was safe

  • That was deffo Arthur's fault

  • Anyone else notice ollie is shy around other people?

  • the girl doesnt even aim she just shoots randomly

  • Grateful to for the awesome amount they flip to my PayPal account few hours ago, really happy guys

  • Chris your the best youtuber in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤩

  • This video is criminally underrated

  • Lol. So funny. Best channel ever

  • His channels in the bin in the bin,his channels in the bin😬😬😬😬😬😬😬


  • I never thought id see imalexx and kevin debruyne in the same room

  • 0:49 I thought that was louis tomilison

  • How on earth is Alex getting shot for the second time 😂😂 that’s clearly next to Chris

  • Call rockin the new noetoways?

  • offff this flooped

  • K

  • Petition for Chris to do another The Ultimate Team in fifa 21

  • Why did this video flop? Beats me but it’s funny asf

  • Make more football vids

  • Wow someone from my Island with 5m

  • Ey mate you should bring back the reacting to people’s Sunday league clips, I have a sick one for you

  • Can we see some FIFA content and I. The future more football challenges type videos with w2s any ways absolutely amazing video keep up the good work

  • location bunker 51 london

  • Chris bring back Sunday league clips

  • You need to add faze teeqo to the youtube vs sidemen match

  • should have called Harry.

  • We’re is the 5th nerf war

  • Who’s here when he actually took down the other two

  • Play fortnite

  • if Alex is as tall as George then how small is Chris

  • is there gonna be a fifa 21 ultimate series surely. like THE ULTIMATE TEAM

  • What's the song at 8:35 please?

  • Whats the song at 8:35?

  • I got a video idea I read some of Instagram dms that would be so good

  • Bro why would man city let KDB get shot by a paintball gun

  • Make a nerf war 5 pls

  • It is not a Chris md video with out Ollie getting hurt

  • Wait will Chris do another nerf war Like so he sees

  • Alex is adorable even padded up

  • Hey chris. 5th nerf war?

  • Sidemen team 2

  • Can you make a video where you go to the bushes at the fortress and look for footballs

  • Whats the light up the sky song anyone know

  • When are you uploading again

  • Where is Nerf war 5?

  • @callux got JOBBED. That was a garbage ball @chrisMD gave him, and it bounced right in front of the other guy!

  • just saying mate i watched the leister vs arsenal game on 25/10/2020 and a good game some close goals from arsenal but leister finished it all 1-0 gg m8 LEISTER wooo

  • 7-1you where good blame your teammates they where shit

  • Definitely not Cal's fault

  • That was Arthur’s fault not calls

  • Chris has been on yt for a while so I like how his content is maturing with his audience

  • Totally not related but I shot a man in paintball... ...just to watch him dye.

  • Cal shouldn’t have been out

  • the ground seems so slippery, I'd probably faceplant

  • i see you chris,, firing shots at the sidemen,, can’t wait for sidemen beef pt 2

  • Classic Callux in a Classic ChrisMD video I love it!!

    • You should play headers and volleys

  • did this get reuploaded?

  • I broke my leg 3 days ago and can't play football for a couple of month's, ig I'm down to fut 21 and LVcd

  • Totally not related but I shot a man in paintball... ...just to watch him dye.

  • Alex just works in a ChrisMD video

  • Chris's videos are low on quantity but massively high in quality. Love it that way from you keep it up lad

    • We are still waiting for the 5 mil nerf war chris

  • did this get reuploaded?

  • The "neutrals" have had an absolute 'mare; Arthur deffo could have gotten that - Chris even explained how the bounce would have worked out 😂🤦‍♂️

    • Bit of a stinker this one is Chris

  • Look at the views, this channel is dying which makes me feel bad cause Chris is a legend, we need him to get more views

    • I think arthur could have got that

  • I’ve been to this paintball place I think

  • Callux should not of been out everyone knows it’s only when it hits the floor

  • Pain is awesome

  • Third time's the charm

  • Bunker 51 Greenwich???

  • You should play headers and volleys

  • Why does it say waterboarding on the list? Quarantine has made this guy crazy

  • Get the var for cal

    • Had to change the video title cus no one calls it one bounce 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


  • Great vid

  • We are still waiting for the 5 mil nerf war chris

  • Where’s Harry

  • Bit of a stinker this one is Chris

  • I've been here

  • I think arthur could have got that

  • Join sidemen

  • what's the name of the outro song?

  • M8 thats not even how u play one cant touch the floor!!! Lol

  • Poor Alex he's been absolutely shafted with that high foot from Arthur lmao

  • Alex is so bad

  • if you're a true arsenal supporter you should go and watch a North London Derby when allowed back in the stadium because I have a feeling Spurs will rule North London and paint the town White COYS!!!!

  • Had to change the video title cus no one calls it one bounce 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Sorry but authror should not of won this

  • That wasn’t Cal’s fault, should’ve checked var

  • Wtf is on Alex’s head 🤢

  • Not cals fault

  • Why is his pfp looks familliar???

  • I think that Cal and Chris should have been in the final

    • Love the videos keep up the good work Chris

  • Not cals fault

  • only reason why will wasnt in this video is due to the mask not being able to fit his face

  • Where is the fifa pack opening ?

  • I just love the subtle inbetweeners clips throughout the video, and tbh the past vids too. Hilarious!!

  • Cal got done dirty

  • Amazing video as usual, love it mate

  • Who else dose this in school but instead of paintball shoot you get rushed