I Exercised For 24 Hours Straight

Publicēšanas datums 25 aug 2020
Awful awful concept
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  • Plz stop saying the Lords name in vain

  • Me the day before swimming with class:

  • well done chris

  • I’m curious what your electrical bill was like

  • 2:25 to 2:29 literally Chris trynna be cool btw the gunners are the best no dout

  • Chris kinda cracked at warzone!

  • 13:47 came outta nowhere

  • Seggs is a workout

  • Am I the only one who was confused that Chris was eating out of a car bowl on the treadmill?...

  • Good Job

  • A day in the life of Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Golf is most definitely exercise

  • Chris golf is the least active sport Me you do know DARTS is a sport right?

  • Be chaste and clean

  • Ross Edgley did a marathon in 19 hours pulling a 1.5 ton car

  • Chris: goalkeeping is low exertion Me a goalkeeper: U fucking what

  • Sits beside a tactical insertion “A bit naughty that”

  • 2:58 That was camp as Christmas 🤣

  • 2:13 he looks like a tomato hahahaha


  • 😎

  • How can you get through with the dinosaur 🦖

  • 13:20 really after being in relationship with Shannon for so long I thought you would have done sadder 😂😂

  • Y do ppl dislike these videos

  • I hear Mark Wahlberg is adopting this routine

  • Mike Tyson has raycons yes he definitely has

  • What a sad little life.

  • Mag

  • Huawei buds, am I a joke to you

  • Oh no hes becoming Gareth Bale

  • he's wearing the no. 10 bag 0:32

  • it took him 10 mins to go to the loo

  • You can’t eat when you exercise and eat at the same time and you were literally eating on the treadmill Lol🤣

  • Chris “I reckon I could’ve just created a new strain of COVID” Well that’s aged well

  • hes the new gareth bale if he keeps golfing

  • The murky person preliminarily request because hook accordantly rot onto a ritzy diploma. madly, pastoral otter

  • some say chess is a sport

  • Music in the outro?

  • “It kinda feels like you are being continuously kicked in the nuts” now that is one quote that deserves a like and tattooed on my arm

  • Chris is the new behzinga lmao

  • "might of just created a new strain of covid" ... well that didn't age well😂

  • Don’t use the Lord’s name in vein

  • Do not have to exercise when caught short Chris: being short

  • as an avid golfer and footballer i find 18 holes of golf more physically and mentally tiring than 90 minutes on the pitch

  • Your so healthy

  • Fun fact, he had a Sunday league game at 9am, he forgot until just after he stopped recording

  • feel like chris has maturef w me was there for me w Ronaldinho's recruitment in yr 5/6 fks when now hes grown up and even had the letters mdma in a video that would not have flied 3 yrs ago aha

  • In of: I Exercised for 24 hours straight. I Trained with Bayern Munich for 24 hours.

  • The last sentence didn't age well

  • And it wasn't even for charity

  • Sleep is technically exercising

  • 12:32 I FOUGHT THIS WAS PG IM UNDER 10 YRS OLD Look top left

  • 9:55 never knew this was a dancing channel

  • Plot twist : chris was actually doing the exercise routine for bayern munich players during quarantine

  • What kind of golf clubs do you use Chris

  • The thing about him he doesn’t clickbait and act like he’s super duper tired

  • How was he less dead after this than joe wicks?

  • I hit my head with a brick for 6 hrs 42 mins 36 s,ouch it’s bloody sore but it got noticed on utube

  • Why does Chris look like a granddaddy when he plays golf

  • Your actually made a original vid big fan btw

  • Joe wicks copied you

  • 9:57 when fifa celebrations are the only dance moves you know 🤣

  • The commitment to his videos is unparalleled big up Chris

  • Omg

  • Chris,d:my raicon earbuds aren’t here yet Also chrismd:wearing them 1 minute later

  • That’s not how you hold a cup of tea

  • Hi

  • Chris wheres your canyon full suspension, fox 34 forks, hope wheel sets with maxis tires, 500 mile travel on your back suspension and your nitro boost.

  • chrismd has gone from epic pack openings to doing a poo in the car

  • anyone live in jersey ci 🤍

  • It’s bin a while Chris it’s bin a while

  • Continue doing gym stuff

  • So much ALCOHOL 🍷

  • Who’s here when it’s on 999K views 🤩🤩🤩


  • I made it 1 mil views 😳

  • i wS 1000000 view lol sick vid chris

  • In this workout you need EAA's

  • Chris these are the best earbuds Also Chris only wears AirPods Pro

  • No you didn't.

  • 0:47 ChrisMD pro mtb rider

  • Why he were a helmet has he never road a bike

  • First "For 24 Hours" video I've seen that's actually 24 hours and not eight, ten or half an afternoon. Fair play.

  • Sounds like something Jay Inbetweeners would say.

  • Next video go walking for 24 hours straight and see how far you can get

  • Don't Wanna Know What He Felt Like In The Morning.

  • If I could use every single discount a LVcdr has given me to get raycon earbuds I would get 5 free

  • Legend

  • Bro oli is the harry of the quiplash / whatever the other 9 games where part

  • Great

  • Why did I even search up for this? Pretty bold of me

  • dude this vid didnt come on my recommended nor did it the notification came

  • Read my name

  • 11:26 notices yellow's named "mdma" *has little chuckle

  • 8:00 the keeper was scared of the ball

  • Shame you couldn’t be bothered to wear a mask in a shop

  • I pray who ever reads this becomes successful

  • Yo this is sick

  • 2:46 Cheers Jeff!

  • Stop thinking you are some sort of football player. WAKE UP