I Trained for 3 Months to Run as Fast as Kylian Mbappé

Publicēšanas datums 8 mai 2020
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I trained for 2 months in 2018 and April of 2020 to see if I could run as fast as Kylian Mbappe. Could have titled it “2 Years” instead of “3 months” so as a reward for me refraining from thirsting for views, the least you could do is share this video with every person you’ve ever met.
Information sources:
Muscles to train to get faster - medium.com/@SandCResearch/should-we-ever-program-heavy-strength-training-for-sprinting-352a6917c925
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Music by Epidemic Sound (www.epidemicsound.com) & others.


  • U trained on my birthday which made me happy and it’s the ninth November but u dint mean to

  • It was my birthday on your first sprint

  • ayo i ran and got 8.68 seconds on 63m

  • 62 meters in 7.5 seconds you would to run a 19.5 almost 20 miles a hour!

  • Did you know he had an ankle injury

  • MATE I RUN FAST!!! 30M I RUN 6.23S

  • Mate I run fast in 62m I run 10s.73c

  • That cat in the back though

  • One day I texted some people and if they responded I’d do 100 push ups sit-ups and jumping squats did 120 sit-ups to make up for only having 53 push ups reason is I hurt my hand but I did get 100 jumping squats so uh don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible for you

  • I feel like Chris is neymar

  • 10:09

  • u ran on ur heels lol

  • Love the cat in the background

  • I did 60meters in 8.5 second without shoes and im 13 im very suprised

  • Imbappe had momentum from jogging and then sprinting not just from like not being on ur toes

  • October 11th day before my bday lol

  • you should have trained your agility and running condition.Try your 0-100 metres without ball.step by step and gym heavy workouts always makes you slower no matter what

  • this youtubers crap

  • 1,5 sec's behind someone to shatter someone's ankles isnt THATT bad (at least that's what I would say as a defender)

  • U can’t create speed

  • Usain Bolt running 100 metres in the same time ChrisMD ran 62 metres 😬

  • those touches when you were sprinting near the 3:00 mark made me laugh out loud man, so funny. Great video!

  • Some kid:Im the fastest in the class Chris md: ight, Im bout to dust dis dude

  • im

  • Hi Chris I know you posted this ages ago, but I am a 12 year old sprinter and I know that sounds silly but these are just a couple tips for you in the future. 1. You are pulling back your front foot right before you start. Make sure to try and not do that and try to create as much force forward with your front foot. 2. When you are reaching your top end speed phase try to bring your heels to your but and that will make it much easier for you to get high knees as it makes you a lot faster. 3. Watch professional sprinters start in slomo I do it all the time and it helps my starting form and form in general so much.

  • bra... clickbait

  • your hands gotta be moving a lot faster than your legs

  • The normal sandra annually crash because tub oddly grip above a icy peak. automatic, hungry whiskey

  • 8:14 play this in x2 speed...

  • When you start, your forward foot goes backwards You’re effectively taking a step backwards every time you start If you push off with your forward leg you’ll get a slightly better explosion out the gate The difference it makes in a football game could potentially be massive

  • I am already fast as mbappe

  • My speed 38.5m - 6.8 seconds

  • Ich wünsche jedem auf der Welt nur das Beste❤️❤️❤️

  • I would like to see Mbappe race Tyreek Hill. I think Tyreek wins. He ran a 4.29 40. I think he got up to 23 MPH in full pads. He can probably add 2 or 3 to that on a flat surface and on asphalt without pads.

  • Your not fast

  • You need to take into account the fact that he was having a full adrenaline rush, he probably couldn’t replicate it as fast outside of a real match

  • The most demoralizing thing about Mbappes time for me is that when I did a 55m sprint I got 7.81 running in a straight line and getting faster as the sprint goes on, and Mbappe gets 7.5 on a 62m sprint while slowing down and not even running in a straight line.

  • btw chris u should put weighed akle socks then run it has a massive impact

  • imagine Mbappe comments on this video

  • Plus Mbappe was dribbling and had other things to focus on 😂 that’s insane

  • Tbf if you took the same PED’s as M’bappe you’d have a chance

  • MbPos fastest player in the world

  • just give your self 4 shadows and your pace will be 100

  • 9:45 is he saying it weighs 77 pounds or it cost 77 pounds #merican

  • next, adama traore???

  • 8.34

  • I know it may not seem a lot of improvement, but it is. Now, think if you did this for 3 years, and then 6 years, you are going to be really fast and near to Mbappe. Mbappe has done the same, he has trained for years to be this fast, and now here he is, one of the best in the world.

  • Hey Chris I am a grounds man

  • I got 62 meters in 8.22

  • Your Face like Daniel James

  • Came back to this video and thought why not try it, got 8.4 seconds with terrible technique but I cba to go through all of Chris’s workouts cause I think I’ll take that already

  • this video turned into a science class

  • I just finished I got 8:72

  • I got seven point 59

  • i beat him

  • It only took me a week to be as fast as him. I easily ran 100 meters in 11.00 seconds

  • mbappe even had obstacles to run throug

  • I think with all That muscle training he become closer to shaqiri then mbappe but great vedio

  • I did it in 7.63 seconds

  • What a video! Guys check me out, i said Arsenal 1000 times its more funny than it sounds trust me!

  • Wow this just gives me a massive appreciation for the speed of athletes which aren’t specifically runners

  • I tried this and my fastest was 8.67 seconds

  • My best time doing this is 7.6 seconds

  • Your legs are too short. You need bbc genetics

  • You need to be black

  • i did this and got 8.2

  • hi

  • real ones know all about the ramp warm up Chris is on about

  • Does someone realise how funny he run he looks like a MIGET

  • no workout

  • i ran 8 seconds and 12 miliseconds

  • The outgoing chalk partially appreciate because explanation isely satisfy out a quarrelsome cardboard. crooked, curvy burglar

  • 3:57 you hafta be thanful that you got a soccerfield that u can use whenever you want to, doesn't matter if it's good or bad. i dont have a soccer field like this

  • try to beat the haaland sprint vs psg

  • Dont Try to race Mbappé he can run in 23,7MPH or more so

  • lmao he thinks he plays like a pro but he is shit i want him to play with a pro defender then we will see

  • 8:01 he be acting sus

  • 8.23 seconds

    • I got 8.23 seconds and I’m 13

  • He did not run just like u,he stop his sprint and sprint again because of the defenders

  • i have one word. Adrenaline. thats what would have made him go so fast

  • 1:14

  • 1.14

  • my 100m is 12.5

  • Really good training Chris hopefully you can get a better time.

  • He’s the best at football so he should be In champions league

  • He is is probley the fast est in the comp so he should be in the premerleg so he would be the fastest I. The compettishon so he I’d the best

  • A 0.7 second improvement on a short sprint is actually very significant

  • I got a 6.96s

  • “Gluteus-Maximus”😂💀 I’m a legit kid Bc I am

  • you can never be close to mbappe ... you are white!

  • I ran it 70m in 7.2 se

  • Good job keep up gooners😍

  • The dedication on this video is insane keep it up

  • Hoo noticed the cat lying in d background

  • Bruh you didnt make it🤪

  • 13:57 - 14:03 I have no idea what he is saying!

  • mbappe out there trying to beat usain bolt

  • Ill try the same rn im at like 9 seconds

  • Don't give up bro 💪 they will all laugh at you in the beginning

  • 5:55 what happened to wb correction?