£10 vs. £1,000 Takeaway

Publicēšanas datums 25 jūn 2020
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  • Chris: Harry, is this seaweed and four tubs of gravy? Harry: YESS! Will: contagious laughter

  • Who thinks these lads should go on a massive footy road trip I think that would be class

  • 14:36 foreshadowing for the next takeaway video 👀

  • This is how many times Chris said gravy rather than curry 👇🏿 👇🏿

  • This 4 should make a new group channel, but with WillNE’s track record, it would probably break up after like 5 videos

  • So funny

  • Promoting Huawei whilst using apple devices in the actual video

  • rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • You need to do this again! Absolutely hilarious

  • They didn’t say no homo

  • Best video Chris has made in a long while

  • Harry was living life with all that alcohol

  • 4:02 nice to know where harry lives

  • cant tell when harry took a drink of the alcohol if it was his sound or a chug chug sound

  • I understand why the rest of the UK plagiarised this

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAH a rizzler

  • Harry 😵 His liver ☠️

  • I subbed to all your videos Chris

  • 14:35 haha not so subtle foreshadowing. But little did you know Chris it would be your name pulled out the hat!

  • I've seen this too many times

  • This video brought to you by AirPods

  • I’m sure it says takeaway. Not anything u can get that will come today

  • Harry’s mum (I assumed it’s his mum oof) weren’t fuckin arsed just stealin the alcohol she wanted

  • 14:24 seems very tame after will's antics in the latest one

  • "I want the kids menu Harry, this is gonna look great with all the alcohol" Lmao

  • 14:35 jinx

  • yo

  • 19:34 😂😂

  • Great video

  • ChrisMD: “They’ve sent a swat team to Harry’s house” That did not age well

  • I'm sorry but that app actually looks shit like it does

  • 14:35 that didn’t age well for chris from his recent take away video 💀😂

  • 0:26 Why is Stephen looking at his screen whilst having PTSD

  • I’m sorry but will is the best looking girl. Idk what they are on about!

  • this aged well

  • Mine comes from a cancer warning😂

  • Honestly stephens female version looked pretty

  • Personally, I think it should be 1. Harry 2. Will 3. Stephen 4. Chris

  • “Might have a cig to celebrate”

  • When I look down to her after she gives me 🧠 20:57

  • 14:36 chris giving will ideas for the one a few days ago...

  • There’s a swat team on the way to Harry’s house. Funny cos of Chris last video when he gets swatted 😂😂😂

  • “There’s a swat team on the way to Harry’s house “ foreshadowing...

  • 4x tubs of gravy and on the order it says curry sauce

  • 14:38 hilarious considering what happened in the newest video

  • 14:29 Hits different after the latest video

  • Chris - "There's a SWAT team on the way to Harry's house" That didn't age well. 14:35

  • Swat team because of these videos - that didn’t age well ...

  • Why did you steal those from the eboys?

  • 14:36 Chris predicted the future for one of his future videos

  • 14:36 that comment did not age well for Chris...

  • Chris: there’s a swat team on their way to Harry’s house How the turns have tabled

  • Chris said there is a swat team on the way to Harry’s house, little did he know that they were actually going to his...🤣

  • After a couple drinks female Stephen would get taken home

  • 14:35 Chris didn't realise the foreshadowing

  • You are turning in to Morgan

  • who else revisits this video every couple of months

  • Chris said “ a swat team come over for Stephan saying a starving child little did they know in the takeaway world cup

  • Both of you let the Channel Islands down😂

  • SWAT team prophising for the latest video 😂

  • “There’s a swat team on the way to Harry’s house” Chris predicted the future, pity the swat team was for him

  • 14:36 little did we know in Chris’s next video

  • 14:34 Chris is predicting the future for himself, not Harry

  • 14:36 they must’ve taken a wrong turn

  • “There’s a swat team on the way to Harry’s house”... if only they knew they would be at Chris’s in a future video😳

  • 14:36 There's a seat team on the way for harry's house Foreshadowing for mukbang video

  • stephen is a fiiiinnnee bird

  • “The swat team is on its way to Harry’s” fast forward 9 months n they arrive a chris’s 😂😂

  • wiilne : you're horrendous wiilne: 'MY BOYFRIEND HAS ME HOSTAGE'

  • 14:35 the foreshadowing is insane, chris knew it was coming

  • Hi

  • “There’s a swat team on the way to Harry’s house” - That’s foreshadowing something

  • ‘There’s a swat team on the way’. Ironic that Chris...

  • Stephen is the funniest man alive

  • Stephen was so on it this vid

  • Stephen: if you don’t get arrested based off this order 2 videos later: Chris has police show up based on Will’s order Foreshadowing???

  • Can we just clear up chris had curry not gravy 😂😂😂

  • I play Free Fire

  • Did you eat a raw egg 😭😂

  • Gotta watch this every now and again 😂😂

  • anyone else annoyed about it giving him gravy and not curry

  • Will couldn't eat the plastic plant, because he's not a turtle

  • Class

  • “I’ll go stand in the road with my touch out” 😂😂 It can’t get better than that

  • Chris casually eating gravy with a fork 16:36

  • There was an add just as will was saying Christopher Dix-

  • One of the best videos on LVcd

  • 11:12 harry giving birth

  • 4:01 you can see where harry lives

  • stephen tries a proper legend

  • This videos goated

  • 18:51 if harry dropped that lmao

  • Next time please try the Miracle Berry! Great Video

  • bahahaha videos with these 4 are my favourite types of videos

  • Rewatching this absolute banger. Elite content

  • Bring it to guernseys clout house lol

  • there was more drinks than food

  • Not sure this is a complement or a diss

  • why they got Stephen to smoke😂😂 that ain't what's suppose to happen

  • Steven got screwed over so badly