Scoring 1 Goal Like The Greatest Players Ever

Publicēšanas datums 26 nov 2020
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1:05 | (Audiomachine) Kevin Rix - Water Wars
2:13 | Aero Chord - Drop It
2:26 | Tom Salta - Swingin’ Around
2:40 | Gioni - Trigger
3:13 | (Audiomachine) Piotr Adam Musial - Lullaby of the Siren
6:12 | Cartoon - Howling (ft. Asena) (Andromedik remix)
7:18 | Roy Knox - Earthquake Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Free Download / Stream:
7:26 | Stahl - Pushed Down (feat. Caroline)
Music by Epidemic Sound ( & others.


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  • This edit at 2:47 💀💀🤣

  • Well there goes his bank account

  • We know you are not trying to be cheap, you are just bad at penalties.

  • What a freekick with his left foot

  • 2:44 I’ve literally never seen a single penalty scored in this way))

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  • If Cruyff is not in here....

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  • Chris: I don’t need a practice I’m allready Zlatan Also Chris: Misses both shots

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  • Imagine the wall was real Chris would go to jail or something

  • 6:36 "Useless!"

  • Man is a god if he can do what the best football players ever can do

  • That Sergio Ramos penalty was accurate, where’s the giveaway?

  • "I used to practise it as a child because im sad". -chrismd

  • spurs

  • The sergio ramos was honestly spot on

  • I was gonna say u could of tried to do mason mount when he takes free kicks, mainly.cuz I feel he's a great cam however ik u did 2/3 (David luiz-ex player) Chelsea players

  • I like how how in normal vids he has Ollie in goal but now cause it’s an expensive video he has to get an actual good keeper


  • I forgot where do you get prizes

  • I forgot where do you get prizes

  • He said that He was using his right foot if we want the ball to stay on this side of the trees they wouldn’t even reach the trees mate

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  • That save to deny the David Luiz free kick was very very nice

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  • The pogba run-up took so long that I actually got an ad during it. Lol

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