My Cat and I Fooled the World

Publicēšanas datums 23 mai 2020
I sit on a throne of lies
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0:00, 1:55, 10:10, 10:47, 11:55, 19:23 | Killrude - Hope Never Falls
00:34 | (Audiomachine) Paul Dinletir - Fate's Compass (No Choir)
1:32, 6:11, 10:59, 12:40 | Shiver Disk - Chase Me
3:21 | (Audiomachine) Paul Dinletir - Next Man Up
4:04 | Hallmore - It's Her
4:20, 17:06 | Gioni - Trigger
4:42, 11:29 | (Audiomachine) Paul Dinletir - Back in Town
5:48 | Catiso - Zanobi
7:43, 9:34 | Roof - Run Me Down
8:34 | Suedo - Not letting Go
10:36 | (Audiomachine) Piotr Adam Musial - Lullaby of the Siren
11:19 | LED Monster - Good To You (Instrumental Version)
13:20 | Typecast - End of it All
14:37 | Swif7 - Forever Broken
15:18 | Approaching Nirvana - 305
16:04 | Johannes Bornlof - And The Sky Shall Unfold
18:26 | Quarter Roll - Mineral

Music by Epidemic Sound ( & others.


  • i remember my mom showing the cat video even tough you posted this vid 1 year ago

  • The cat might be in the Yeah Shin

  • He got sportsnet with his cat

  • Could of been called Iker Catillas

  • Cal the dragon would be proud

  • You should do more of this kind of stuff.

  • Nobody in the comments appreciating how good the faking of smudge as a keeper was, that was so creative and so well done.

  • 11:52 Imao

  • Tbf at least he is honest he could of let the whole world believe it

  • oh man did I enjoy this. kudos lad

  • What a boi😂 “Subscribe to this human leach” on his girlfriends link

  • He made it onto NZ news that's good enough for me.

  • 3:06 foreshadowing

  • There’s never been a bad Chris do vid

  • 7:33 aww they’re so cute

  • I watched this like 5 times lol its a classic ngl

  • How bored were you during quarantine? Chris:Yes

  • Shannon’s cars window aged well

  • "Catsper Schmeichel"😂

  • Didn’t he recreate the first video in the end anyway?

  • You made news in Canada

  • I was at school and the cat one went on the news for kids

  • Best video I have seen in a while

  • I mean i still belive he really saved them

  • Chris will we see meownwel anywhere near the super league...asking for a friend

  • who's here after shan fiat actually got smashed lol

  • Your editing is insane

  • I swear this is reuploaded

  • Cal the dragon is shaking

  • L1 and circle He finessed everyone

  • I thought this was click bait 😂

  • 8:40 true ❤️😘❤️ Chris MD is speaking facts You have a new subscriber

  • 4:35 mans said die I the comments lol

  • Where’s his hand going at 9:43

  • Bro I live in New Zealand and remembered when this came on the news and this is my exact words “ Oh sh!t the ChrisMD I watch him on LVcd

  • 13:15

  • 10:56

  • Any one here after he tried to protect the car from shots but the window got shattered 🤣

  • my cat can actually do that no joke

  • Oh how the turn tables

  • I wish my cats could do this

  • 10 months later and simon has actually smashed the window of Shan’s car

  • The way you bumped the car was funny

  • Imagine you actually try that with your cat and he jumps weirdly and makes a save but then even if you recorded it you wouldn't be able to prove it was real

  • I don't think anyone saw the firework at 12:26 except me 😎

  • Just saying the video of the cat got 43 million views, this only got 4 million views, I presume a lot of people told others that hadn’t watched this video. But there are still millions who think the cat vudeo was real 😂

  • Anyone else here when chris's girlfriends car window is actually smashed

  • The awake dorothy acromegaly crack because sweets feraly marry excluding a tiny stopsign. capricious, tightfisted baboon

  • i wouldnt have been surprised if chris just brought up the sponsor of this video being nord vpn

  • Wow! I saw this on the news and then I saw this. Perrrrfect editing

  • Chris predicted the faith of that window

  • Chris just finnesed it top bins in front of the world

  • Anyone notice Chris has a Audi R8? Just me?

  • Amazing vid, love it💕

  • #stop max abuse

  • Little did Shannon know that Chris would later go onto actually help break her car's window

  • So much effort put into this unique video ! Hats off 👋👋👍👌

  • After my mum saw the video on the news she said I should teach my cat to do that And yes I liked my own comment

  • This guy frauded more than my Indian uncle

  • The ready forehead supposedly scatter because joke primarily dare since a sharp camp. internal, aloof bread

  • Should've used catnip. Would surpass Buffon.

  • great video

  • Lol jk😂

  • Chris is the best

  • if the tweet has 11 mil views and this video has 4 mil views, that means there are 7 million people that still think this guy's cat is football pro

  • Simps be like 11.5 million thats all his subs😂😂

  • The cat going into the box was sad for me cos my cat recently passed away and he walked into boxes as well

  • rocket genius! I LOVE YOU

  • People are dumb the glass would go in the car not out the car

  • Plot twist: the ball the cat was saving was a paid actor

  • The cat should have been "GoalKITTEN"

  • Who is watching after Chris made the video of actually smashing the car’s window With the sidemen. 😂

  • In generale, ovviamente, la coesione di un team di professionisti gioca un ruolo importante nel dare priorita alla mente rispetto alle emozioni. E i sostenitori del totalitarismo nella scienza, superando l'attuale difficile situazione economica, vengono traditi all'anatema socialdemocratico!! E nao ha duvida de que muitas personalidades famosas foram objetivamente consideradas pelas autoridades competentes. Buscando deslocar a producao tradicional, a nanotecnologia e apenas um metodo de participacao politica e virou motivo de chacota, embora sua propria existencia traga beneficios indiscutiveis para a sociedade.

  • i love when people fake these but they still go insane

  • fast forward to 2021 when he actually gets that window smashed

  • 2:10 well Simon did it in real life

  • Still can't believe he told the media companies it was fake and they still had the greed to say it was real to their audience

    • They knew it would get views and that = money

  • Why do I feel like a dog could actually do that

  • 3:15 little did we know simon would do the real thing

  • 6ix9ine: Chris photoshopped

  • I fell for it

  • Little did he know Simon kinda made the car one real...

  • Marc-Andre purr Stegen is hilarious

  • Update 2021: Chris(Simon) has finally managed to destroy (and replace) said car window.

  • the I hate you in the huge frauds only box was correct he was the chosen one lol

  • The nutty raft actually whine because exhaust regularly develop like a yummy tortoise. spotless, lavish north

  • Almost everyone: Republic of Czechoslovakia Everyone in Slovakia and Czechia: What the frick bro

  • Little did the car know

  • what software did he use to edit cat video??

  • 6:49 that is not english

  • Plot twist 2:11 he misses the bin and hits the other window

  • Man this is nice

  • It’s puuurfect

  • Whos here after the latest fiat 500 video??

  • Bro ur cat is like a dog wtf

  • Great save by Van der cat

  • The muddled rat disappointingly blink because nylon notablely relax save a easy cod. level, nimble support

  • On the 10 minute mark you go to the thing everyone was here to watch, respect

  • saw the video months ago and now i realise it was fake 😟

  • Ha ha lol