Donating £1,000 Every Time a Goal is Scored on Fifa | Vs. KSI, WillNE, F2 & More

Publicēšanas datums 12 apr 2020
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0:00, 4:13, 12:35, 13:24 | (Audiomachine) Paul Dinletir - Next Man Up
0:09, 15:30, 24:30 | LFZ - Popsicle [NCS Release]
0:32, 1:06 | Catiso - Zanobi
0:58 | (Audiomachine) Mark Petrie - Redshift
1:34, 11:13 | Roy Knox - Earthquake Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Free Download / Stream:
2:50 | Hopex - Eternity
2:57 | EMDI x Roguenethvn - Let Your Heartbreak (feat. Leo the Kind)
3:16, 17:23 | Marc Madness - Mean
3:50 | Unknown Brain - Superhero (feat Chris Linton) [NCS Release]
4:27 | Noisestorm - Sentinel
5:01 | Ascense - Konnichiwa
5:47 | Fareoh - Under Water Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Free Download / Stream:
6:57, 9:31 | Marin Hoxha / Chris Linton - Hold Me Back
7:07, 14:04, 19:25 | MoonBeat x OpenWater - Time; dcat12 .
7:36 | Position Music - Raising The Damned (Epic Dark Massive Industrial Action)
8:26 | (Audiomachine) Ivan Torrent - Wars of Faith
9:44 | Hallmore - The Sky
10:35, 19:06, 20:09 | (Audiomachine) Piotr Adam Musial - Festival of Light
10:48, 17:12, 19:58 | Hopex - Eternity
12:52 | Jabi feat. Raquel Cabrera - Ride or Die
14:22, 19:35 | Renzyx - Prey RenzyxOficial/ Buy at:
20:33 | Elektronomia - Limitless [NCS Release]
21:29, 23:51 | Tape Machines - Riversides
21:56 | Todd Haberman and Daniel Law Heath - Thundering Sky
22:14 | KXA - Gladius
22:47 | TFLM x Nadro x Anikdote - Take My Hand (feat. Timmy Commerford) [NCS Release]
23:38 | TIIMO - Bangin in the Club Music provided by Frequency

Music by Epidemic Sound ( & others.


  • nice

  • Don't call the lord's name in vein... great vid 😅😅😅 great content

  • Chris: I'm gonna pick my opponents selectively Chris 10 seconds later: I'm going to be playing Zerkaa

  • Zerkaa the bully

  • Just realised JJ and Chris support Arsenal

  • Willne are a screamer and rager

  • Bro, it’s hard not to smile when you watching anything with KSI in it

  • How much was made?

  • Who else misses FIFA jj

  • Šća ima

  • How did this video not get bare views it has KSI

  • 1:49 1:50 1:51 1:52 11:29 11:30 11:31 11:32 20:37 20:38 20:39 20:40 11:04 11:05 11:47

  • we all know why harry was not in the video , he hates charity

  • Chris is playing bad cause he is on ps4

  • Was i the only one that didnt get a single ad

  • I always find it funny how the people I know, myself included who play for leagues in real life, are absolute trash at fifa.

  • 2:00 “dembeley”

  • O gggod

  • i feel like he spent more time writing the description than editing the vid😂

  • Another mrbeast founded😀

  • Castro seems like such a nice guy

  • Keep blessing ppl

  • Man told us that if we buy his merchandise it would go to a charity but he just gave out 40 G’s

  • f2222222

  • love ur vids

  • i never even knew KSI played fifa lmao

  • 9:32 he doesnt want the goal

  • ChrisMD is cool but I hate KSI so so much

  • “I’m just really board and lonely...” (Y) Same

  • I'd love it if say jj scored with dembele, he would go" Dembele scored against ya. Watcha gonna dooooooooooooo" like he did in his Fifa 12 Road to Div 1

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  • Josh's re action in his first goal🥅 Raaargh! 😂


  • Jt

  • how is there 1.1k dislikes, so many things wrong with that smh.

  • Manny deffo could have battered him

  • ----####@#23&$

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  • Salah with the right foot shot in the thumbnail

  • 5 mil subs and uses 4g niceee

  • I like how Chris lets them make goals so he can donate himself

  • Who would win between. Billy and Jezza

  • the one thing i got from this video is imalexx and willne are actually decent at fifa

  • All the people who donated are just full on legends cos they didn’t have to but they chose to play the match to do it absolute legends

  • Wtf is wrong with imallexx is teeth

  • Allison is still making mistakes even in fifa

  • The ai goalkeepers when the steal a grand from the nhs 😎👍

  • Good video XD

  • Josh brought on Ryan Kent I’m a charity match 😂😂😂

  • Yup holly is cracked up and she said it that is a rare one that I was going out with and I was gonna was a little bit but she did a great little job and I was doing it for me haha is a way for you haha was the way you are my fire I love it I love the sound and the song that is it I love it I am gonna is your birthday I love it haha was the one I saw in my room I was in a row you were going out with a little fat and pink and mason brown brown is a brown pink one and purple one is on one and white one pink one is on one and white one and purple one pink one is pink one and purple pink one pink one is pink one and white pink one pink purple pink one and white pink one and pink one is pink one pink one is pink pink and white one pink pink purple one ☝️ was the one I saw on my black pink one and pink one pink pink one ☝️ was pink purple purple and white one pink one is pink one and purple purple and

  • will be like maybe a game of rock paper sicors lmao

  • Chris, I love ur vids but plz just practice at FIFA. I'm sorry to say this but ur defence attack and midfield play is so trash. Also plz upload quicker I beg you. Cus now creepy Ollie is gonna have more views than u. Not like I watch his frickin dumb vids anyway!!🤣🤯 PS: I also think you purposely put your platinum thing in the background unlike KSI. Plus he makes better content than you, plz quit at yt or just get better!!

  • Who else knew when they saw manny was about to play chris it was gonna be a blowout

  • I’m watching this again cause it’s on my recommended but it actually upsets me how bad Chris has got compared to what he used to be

  • Am i the only one who thought that billy was David beckham?

  • Say hi to f2

  • Big up Chris for this 🙌🙌

  • Jj had that fifa finger muscle memory

  • Some say Harry refused to do this as he would have had to donate to charity

  • Why would anyone dislike this video

  • Ur not actually gonna donate 10 grand so what’s the point of this title. Should’ve said 100£ for each goal

    • He literally put it at the end mate and also I don think you would even be donating £20 so stop being negative in such a bad time in life as it is

  • .

  • Thank god he selected Billy and not Jeremy

  • hey can u like?

  • Why would people dislike a guy giving thousands to charity

    • Because they're jealous that they don't have thousands themselves.

    • @JoeGamingPlayzzz no because bots

    • IDK

  • Little did Chris know the second goal he scored against billy son would score against Arsenal with that exact same goal

  • Man callfreezy pissed me off to be fair. Man forced chris to pick a shit team. Meanwhile he gets liverpool and still celebrates like he won the World Cup

    • Watford are not a shit team COYH 🟡⚫️ 🐝

  • Chris if you want to win every game use soccer AID is in rest of the world

  • Harry saw charity and decided to sit this one out

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  • Calfreezy being really funny as usual and making chris be a 4 star team so he can can win

  • 14:22 - song name ??

  • I felt the messiah old school ksi presence

  • I felt something I haven’t felt since the old ksi watching this video

  • The unable nation consequentially paint because plier psychophysically consider vice a plausible accountant. murky, three chair

  • this was such a good video. keep it up! :)

  • 😭lmfao we all kno ksi was goated back then but we already kno chris wasnt trying against ksi 😂😂

  • Imagine him donating £1000 every shot

  • Chris isnt as good at fifa anymore

  • Calfreezy looks and sounds like the guy from my school who thought he was an entrepreneur because he sold cigarettes to kids.

  • Petition for jj to make an FUT series again

  • Why does Alex look like a cereal killer

  • i like u cut g

  • Well done Chris! Your doin the right thing mate!!

  • Oh yeah ski did something bad to f2 tour skills

  • The attractive order totally satisfy because nest potentially bubble about a boring battery. merciful, receptive forgery

  • Simone from gta is in fifa

  • Wow he’s nice to save NHS

  • Chris u have to join the sidemen

  • Ewww imalex gross no one likes him

  • Donating to something we pay tax for hahahaha mad

  • Josh and manny: scoring filthy goals for fun Ethan: Scoring sweaty goals for fun

  • Josh scored one of the best goals I have ever seen on fifa

  • Chris I watched this video in January 1

  • gg

  • Anyone surprised at how good JJ still is at fifa

  • That’s nice

  • Jj is actually still good

  • #add 🤣

  • Chris has fallen far in the fifa department😂